Verizon attempts to break first amendment

Jul 17th, 2012

The last year or so has been filled with a plethora of controversies pertaining to the enjoyable topic of censorship of the Interwebs. Most recently Verizon has leaped into the fray of censorship battles… it seems they fell onto some spikes. The New York based company is claiming that the Internet is their property and they have the constitutional right to “edit” the contents of the Internet. One blogger from AllGov took to the aforementioned publicly owned network of servers, and voiced his opinions, that is of course until Verizon requested that he remove the post (notice the irony). Subsequently, fellow blogger John Moore of Government in the Lab reblogged the post from AllGov, for about twenty minutes until Verizon called the blogger and once again requested the removal of the blog post. Wanting no hassle Mr. Moore removed the post, and consequently took to Twitter to voice his grievances.

The moral of the story is that Verizon is attempting to control and censor its customers from the Internet, while simultaneously removing itself from censorship camp via censorship. The small issue that they’re having, is a little thing known as the Constitution of the United States, more specifically the first amendment in the aforementioned document. This amendment allows all citizens the right of free-speech, precisely the right that Verizon is attempting to violate. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source(s): Government in the Lab, PCMag