Zuckerbergs don’t understand privacy

Dec 27th, 2012


Facebook’s privacy policies have always been slightly malformed, starting as one simple line of text back in the day, then leading to a mountain of legal terms longer than the United States’ Constitution. In fact, it’s so confusing, that even Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi Zuckerberg was confused. She stumbled on the idea that Facebook’s privacy policies and online etiquette are equal or greater to “human decency”, which I’m hopefully correct in assuming, we all know to be a falsity. The sister Zuckerberg posted the above picture to her Facebook feed, assuming that it was a private photograph. One of the Zuckerbergs who was tagged was friends with Vox Media Marketing director Callie Schweitzer, who tweeted the picture to her ~40,000 followers. Randi Zuckerberg was then hit in the head with the same astonishment many other Facebook users have over privacy policies. However, attempting to center the blame anywhere other than Facebook, Randi Zuckerberg took to the battlegrounds of Twitter to defend her actions, blaming Mrs. Schweitzer for not following the practices of “human decency”. Saying: “Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a friend’s photo publicly. It’s not about privacy settings, it’s about human decency” and later defending this statement with: ” I think people often forget that there is a human on the other end of a post or tweet! Sometimes they need reminding :)”. All of this goes to show that even Mark Zuckerberg’s sister can’t fully understand the monstrosity that is Facebook’s privacy policy.