Dreamhost Reviewed

Jun 9th, 2013


Website hosts are something that should be trusted in, they should also provide an excellent customer service experience, alas—DreamHost doesn’t provide such a service. For the past year or so, I’ve been using their service to host a plethora of websites, including this one. About a month ago, I found myself at a small disadvantage in terms of loading speed – website graders were giving me “improve server response” messages, as such I took the community to release my troubles upon them. Having found another user with a similar issue, I commented to see if I could receive a response from the staff, unfortunately I was met with an administrative member with an eager trigger-finger and a very large ban-hammer. Feeling mildly violated, and disgruntled, I took to the other form of company communication – their support line. With an extremely cantankerous attitude at this point, I wrote a message. After several days I received a response from an extremely apologetic customer service representative, that stated the aforementioned staff member had been reprimanded and the ban lifted, I also received one month of free service.

Feeling rather contented with myself, I took the forums once more, ready to “improve server response”, however, much to my dismay—I was still banned. At this point, I was exasperated with the service, I immediately took to the great Google, and started the search for a new host, one that wouldn’t ban its users for voicing opinions, or give false information in custom-service responses. I’m now happily hosted on Knownhost, with great customer service department, and even more control of the server’s functions.

If at all possible, I would recommend avoiding DreamHost and switching to almost any other service. If it was in question, this is not a sponsored post, and I’m not necessarily recommending any other host, simply providing a word of warning against using DreamHost’s services. Drop a line below with other host horror stories.

Hosts: Dreamhost, Knownhost