Raspberry Pi gets camera and revamped manufacturing

Jul 16th, 2012

The Raspberry Pi has always been somewhat of a marvel for us nerds, and today we can finally get our grubby little hands on one. The people behind the device have amped up the production of the enjoyable $42 (₤25) device, they’re now manufacturing 4,000 units per day. They have also increased the limit for the maximum number of devices one consumer can buy, previously it was one unit per user. For those of you who don’t know, the device is a credit-card sized micro-computer that uses an 700MHz ARM processor to make things whirl, the device also has 256MB of RAM.

Also news-worthy, a camera attachment is going to be released very soon, as is shown in the video below. It will be a 5MP attachment that will hopefully allow for further exploration into the wonders of the open-source world. Hit up the source link at the end of this page to check it out, and all the other possibilities of Raspberry Pi.

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Source(s): Raspberry Pi, Purchase link