Global warming causing technology firms to migrate servers

Mar 25th, 2012

 April Fools!

Over the past several decades, rising levels of Carbon-Dioxide in our atmosphere have been causing warmer locations to become even warmer. Many technology firms in Hong Kong, the United States, and Beijing are being forced to relocated their servers to reach maximum overall efficiency. These companies include many developers, such as SmokeySky (makers of OptimaRaid) in Hong Kong, Cmune (makers of Uberstrike) in Beijing, and several other smaller firms. Many of the aforementioned companies are being forced to move their severs to cooler climates. Although, as a result of this migration, servers are being upgraded to newer and greener technology. Oftentimes, this technology is considerably better and faster than older, inefficient systems.

In the upcoming years, we’ll most likely see multitudes of companies transitioning their servers, this is merely the first wave of a major green revolution in the technology world. Be sure to check out your favorite websites to see where they’re moving, and how it’s going to improve your gaming and browsing experience.

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