Caffeine is both delicious and beautiful

Jul 19th, 2012

 As much as the government avoids drugs, they all use them… that is caffeine of course. Around 120,000 tons of coffee are produced every year to sustain the world’s need to remain fully awake and alert, despite their lack of sleep and other more beneficial stimulants like food. The Welcome Collection recently had a competition to find the top microscopic shots, the winner of the aforementioned competition is the above photograph. It may appear to be something reminiscent of  some strange weed or wood fiber, however it is, in fact caffeine at its finest. Obviously the image has been colored so that one can notice the differences in its chemical make-up, and also make it cool (the latter being the more probable).

The wonderfully rainbow-y and fibrous image of caffeine above, clearly shows the reasons why the substance provides the energy-boost that it does. It just goes to show that rainbows power the world.

Do you drink coffee? Why or why not? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comments section below.

Source(s): Welcome Image Awards