Amazon Drone Delivery Services

Dec 16th, 2013


Amazon has always been an envelope pusher — they’ve furthered online shopping to a point where most expect goods to be ordered and delivered with one mouse click. Earlier this month, Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) announced that Amazon was making moves to create a drone delivery network to further decrease that delivery time… to thirty minutes.

For me, the mere possibility that a drone service with thirty minute delivery time would even be considered, says something rather worrisome about what our society is coming to. Not only are there concerns for safety and privacy, with thousands of automated flying-spinny-blade-package-dropping-thingies hovering around in the air, but it also generates concerns for the level of impatience that one would have to have, if one required such speedy delivery of their items (which I’m sure are very creepy). All that, and it also creates worry for the current delivery providers (namely UPS and FedEx). Amazon is by far the largest online distributor currently around, and most likely one of the largest users of the aforementioned companies.

Amazon is currently awaiting FAA approval of their system — which, if approved, will most likely be released in a small scale in some location. Drop a comment, if you’re interested in the close-shaving delivery method.