Hackers be Creepin’ in Hotels

Oct 25th, 2012


There are innumerable reasons to be terrified of hotel rooms, ranging from bedbugs to rats and spiders. There’s now another reason to be afraid of them: hackers… and anyone that can build a $50 home-brew device with open-source software that is freely available online. Forbes recently released an interview with a Black Hat security conference presenter about the security flaws of hotel locks, more specifically locks manufactured by Onity, which have been installed in four to five million hotel rooms around the world.

Cody Brocious, 24 year-old Mozilla developer built a $50 device that uses a short pulse of information sent via the DC port installed on the bottom of Onity locks. In his tests, Mr. Brocious was only 33% successful opening locks with his device, however, with improvement he feels that he will be capable of increasing the success rate to 100%. A worrisome result of this experiment  is that the aforementioned device accompanied with the software that allows the device to work correctly is going to be released to the community to allow for open-source improvement, this also allows for potential thieves to build and develop their own devices.

What do you think of the hotel hackers? Does this worry you of potential thieves and stalkers entering your hotel with such a simple home-brewed device? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source(s): Forbes